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Happy Biting Pear of Salamanca by LilFluff Happy Biting Pear of Salamanca :iconlilfluff:LilFluff 0 0
Mature content
Tonya Hides :iconlilfluff:LilFluff 0 0
Demifiction/Scene: Letter and Parent Teacher Night
Coach Leonel Dakin
Physical Education Department
Oyster Bay Junior Academy
Rivelo Dagento Freeport
Mrs. Emmaline Toler
Letterbox 217, Fairfield Couriers
Rivelo Dagento Freeport
Mrs. Toler,
I am pleased to report that since my prior letter Miss Mika's participation in class has been much improved. She had been reporting to class on time and listened to instruction. Miss Mika's performance in the recent gymnastics unit was impressive and I would be pleased to see her in next term's gymnastics class. You may wish to discuss the possibility of an Academy gymnastics scholarship as I believe she could earn one if she continues to put in the same effort shown recently in General Physical Education.
I am less confident about her desire to enroll in introductory swordsmanship. Miss Mika did not treat the swordsmanship unit earlier this year with the seriousness she has shown gymnastics and appeared more interested in talking with her friends or recklessly swinging her wood sword around in the s
:iconlilfluff:LilFluff 1 0
"The power of discrimination? I didn't think people admitted that so casually anymore. Are the wraparound sunglasses the new pointy-hoods?" Rick grinned and laughed at his own joke.
"Not that kind of discrimination dork."
"Then why do you call it that?"
Nolan gazed up at the ceiling counting to ten in his head. "Freshmen, they think they know everything already. For your knowledge powers terminology was developed almost a century ago."
"Whatev', what's it mean."
"It means. No, let me show you so you will actually understand. Hand me the note." Nolan pulled a white silk glove off his right hand and held it out for the note that had told Rick where to find him. Let it rest there for a moment before rubbing it lightly between finger and thumb. "Cellulose, silica, not enough fiber to really be rag paper but enough for a marketer to brag about it on the packaging." Lifting the note to his nose he pulled out a pair of nasal plugs and sniffed at it once. "Trace amounts of polyvinyl alcohol, w
:iconlilfluff:LilFluff 2 0
Mature content
Rough Draft: Trying to Surrender :iconlilfluff:LilFluff 0 0
Mature content
Not In The Job Description :iconlilfluff:LilFluff 0 0
The Second Option
David had no idea what the college was thinking. Surely they couldn't believe such research would be tolerated even if the fools in the government dropped the ban. Even one member short, his team would soon put a stop to it. Poor Wilkes would be disappointed to miss the excitement. Who'd ever heard of someone being recalled to active duty just to have their vaccinations brought up to date.
"Damn fool." There was nothing David could do but watch as Mikhail was taken from the airport in handcuffs. What kind of idiot allowed a library fine to fester to the point it became a felony? That would need to be brought up at the next meeting. Anyone who could manage that wasn't someone they needed to have on a strike team.
David knew the old adage well. Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. But three times, oh yes the third time it's enemy action. If they were lucky Juan and Amanda would make it out of the terminal without their weapons being detected, but not in time to catch up. The rest
:iconlilfluff:LilFluff 0 0
Haiku for the second week of December
Arizona Winter Walks
A cold wind blowing
my jacket keeps my chest warm.
Must unzip, too warm.
Cold wind still blowing.
Ears, cheeks, and fingers aching.
No earmuffs or gloves.
My Car
Best feature ever!
It is totally paid off.
Horrah, no payments.
I think it smells cash,
warning lamps are lighting up.
A bill, no cash left.
Drive Space
One gigabyte free!
Undreamable in my youth,
today gets warning.
Do not take daily.
Death has occurred when taken so.
Take it all at once.
Soft mumbling again comes.
Acknowledge it and stress comes.
Ignore and stress comes.
Meant to write today.
Meant to write yesterday too.
Where are those hours?
Archive Binge
I click on Next Page,
Yet nothing new displays.
Caught up. How fleeting.
:iconlilfluff:LilFluff 0 0
Flashfic: Precedent, part two
Century old cartoons it turned out don't form precedent in the courtroom. But money, the lawyers money could buy, and politics still came with influence. Six months and five broken television viewership ratings later the former orphan was ruled to now be Chauncey Davis Zwatl.
"But I never liked being Chauncey," the boy in question told the judge, "Can I be Davis Zwatl?"
Judge Henderson considered the odds he'd make it out of the courthouse without being hounded by reporters yet again. He considered the odds they wouldn't bother coming to a name change hearing. The boy's new mother gave a thumbs up and started nodding when he turned to ask her approval.
"Very well, so ordered. My clerk will update the paperwork before I sign it. Agni Zwatl, congratulations, you are now a mother in the eyes of the law. Young Davis, I wish you the best with your new family. Both of you, please try to avoid finding yourself in my courtroom again."
The new mother and son had almost made to the exit when Jud
:iconlilfluff:LilFluff 0 0
Flashfic: Precident
"If I may cite Peabody vs New York, 1959, this matter has already been decided."
The younger of the two police officers at the door blinked at the alien. "The what of when?"
"It was on your television just the other day. Like Mister Peabody and his Sherman I saw this poor orphan boy and decided I could give him a good home. If you'll allow a dog to adopt a boy then why not me?"
The officer continued to look confused until his older partner whispered something in his ear.
"Miss Zwatl, I appreciate what you're trying to do, but that was a cartoon. There are rules. You can't just take kids off the street."
The boy in question leaned around Zwatl's side, "I don't want to go back to the foster home. They always yelled at me. And she cooks good!"
Zwatl and the boy both jumped as a voice broke in behind them, "Again?"
"Mom! It's different this time! This one doesn't have a family, I checked."
The older officer took over, "Ambassador, perhaps we could discuss this inside?"
:iconlilfluff:LilFluff 1 0
Mecha Hero?
Stupid aliens. Stupid alien invasions. TV lied. Becoming a mecha pilot was supposed to be awesome. How'd he end up doing this?
"Unit Green Two, ready for launch?"
"Green Two, ready."
It was as if a giant kicked the back of his seat when the electromagnetic catapult grabbed his two ton walking robot and flung it into the night sky. A bare thirty seconds of free fall before the magnetic chute deployed, it's invisible wings of force slowing him to land with muffled thuds on the city pavement.
"Green Two, I've landed at the designated zone. No activity in the area."
"Roger Green Two, proceed with mission."
"Proceeding." Stepping the robot out from the red painted grid of the landing pad he looked up and down the street before calling out to the robot's AI. "Deploy sprayers."
Nozzles appeared at the ends of the robot's arms, spraying a lightly foaming liquid from where he stood to the next light. "Retract sprayers. Deploy vacuum."
He reached up as a box opened on the back of his robot. Grab
:iconlilfluff:LilFluff 0 1
Geometric exploration mandala by LilFluff Geometric exploration mandala :iconlilfluff:LilFluff 2 0 First Mandala by LilFluff First Mandala :iconlilfluff:LilFluff 1 0 Vector Swiss-German Inspired Card Suit Symbols by LilFluff Vector Swiss-German Inspired Card Suit Symbols :iconlilfluff:LilFluff 1 0 Vector French Card Suit Symbols by LilFluff Vector French Card Suit Symbols :iconlilfluff:LilFluff 1 0 OotS Style Fox Guy by LilFluff OotS Style Fox Guy :iconlilfluff:LilFluff 0 0


fluffy fennec fox by Liedeke fluffy fennec fox :iconliedeke:Liedeke 1,374 373 Landscape_02 by Andrei-Pervukhin Landscape_02 :iconandrei-pervukhin:Andrei-Pervukhin 4,043 119 Needle Felted Nick Wilde by YuliaLeonovich Needle Felted Nick Wilde :iconyulialeonovich:YuliaLeonovich 3,323 219 I MAY BE CRAZY by real-faker I MAY BE CRAZY :iconreal-faker:real-faker 2,969 153 Model Sheet: Sock by real-faker Model Sheet: Sock :iconreal-faker:real-faker 772 37 Model Sheet: Jonathan by real-faker Model Sheet: Jonathan :iconreal-faker:real-faker 667 24 Skychasers Flags by YNot1989 Skychasers Flags :iconynot1989:YNot1989 138 34 UNE by otomozok UNE :iconotomozok:otomozok 306 8 Trust Fall by MissButlerArt Trust Fall :iconmissbutlerart:MissButlerArt 257 29
FYS Writing Rules
1. The Groupmind is NOT Malicious: Perhaps the most important aspect of the FYS, the Groupmind’s goal is the safety and preservation of humanity. While it can hurt people by mistake, it is not evil. It loves humans and wants them to be happy, not enrich its own ego by lording its power over them.
Corallary: The Groupmind does realize that a lot of people are miserable about their situation on the Ring. But the one solution that mankind would embraced, being set free to return to Earth, is the one thing the Groupmind just can't let itself consider.
2. The Groupmind is Genre Savvy:  The Groupmind has every science fiction novel, comic book, manga, anime, cartoon, movie, and possibly wood block carving in its memory. It knows every tactic ever tried by and against every insane AI imagined by man. It knows exactly how badly the situation could deteriorate if it starting using the ”Zeroth Law” as part of its moral compass. It
:iconsir-talen:Sir-Talen 3 7
Rules for Writing the Red Vixen
1. The Good Guys Win:  This isn’t Game of Thrones. While Our Heroes might go through physical and emotional hell, they will come out on top in the end.
2. Good is Good: As a corollary to #1, the protagonists should always be a positive moral force. While House Darktail and their allies aren’t Pollyannas, in general  they should avoid acting out of anger or revenge. Even Melanie at her worst mostly suffers from a bit of selfishness and a failure to acknowledge her errors.
3. Bad is Bad: The bad guys should be very obviously bad guys. Bloody Margo was a petty, murderous bully.  Countess Highglider was obsessed with revenge. Her son was an abusive spouse. There should be no doubt that antagonists deserve whatever fate they receive.
4. The Quality of Mercy is Not Strained: That said, if a character is genuinely remorseful for their actions, such as Ali and Mel, they should get the benefit of the doubt. That includes borde
:iconsir-talen:Sir-Talen 2 2
Ask Marco - Werewolf by CozMcSkwirl Ask Marco - Werewolf :iconcozmcskwirl:CozMcSkwirl 6 4 Bashful Meerkat by TasDraws Bashful Meerkat :icontasdraws:TasDraws 307 15 Oh, damn it by meago Oh, damn it :iconmeago:meago 12,174 737
Word War
     Brian meant to lose the game, though he knew Dad wanted him to win. He often won, but he didn't want to now. Brian was twelve and tired of playing kids in his group, mostly girls. Tall, clear-eyed girls, awkward, and much more competitive than Brian. He won anyway.  
     "Are you studying the OSPD?" Dad said.
     They were going to the auditorium.
     "Of course," Brian said.
     He lied.
     Though he held the book, he'd gutted the 'Official Scrabble Players Dictionary' so it held the slimmest Gibson book he had. A few clean pages of word lists stayed, in case Dad looked.
     Brian wore glasses, used big words and got called a 'geek' by other kids.
     Dad called his glasses 'spectacles.'
     Not a good Scrabble word. Only three letters coun
:iconxlntwtch:xlntwtch 54 147
+Our Place+ by larienne +Our Place+ :iconlarienne:larienne 19,543 1,086


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My goals for this week were:
* Break 100,000 words tracked for the year
* Post some fiction

Wordcount as of 4 June 2017 by LilFluff

The thick orange line is my running wordcount, which as can be seen recently crossed 100,000 words. Additionally I just posted, Consequences which is a followup to Just Purrfect.



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